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Compass is Acuvate’s Trade Promotion Optimization software which leverages Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Analytics. It is created on the primary motto of making data work to get maximum bang for the buck for your trade promotions. Measure, Forecast, Analyze, Optimize and Repeat.

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COMPASS is an Acuvate’s AI-Powered revenue management suite created exclusively for CPG companies. Compass helps you spend less time analyzing data and more time gaining actionable insights and recommendations from it. COMPASS not only ensures you have high-quality real-time data but also transforms it into meaningful recommendations for the present and future.

The offerings below are the most powerful when used as a suite but are highly productive as add-ons as well. Everything we do
is to make your decisions and strategies more data-backed and less reliant on guesswork. Here’s how we make it possible.

High-Quality Data Lake - 
1. Capture data from multiple external and internal sources including digital media, weather, events, POS, competitor intelligence
and beyond.
2. Cleanse the data to remove duplicates and also effectively organize the same.
3. Convert Unstructured data to structured.

Advance Analytics - 
1. Unlike traditional analytics which provides shallow insights, predictive and prescriptive analytics forecast and prescribes the right actions to achieve the desired business outcomes.
2. Crucial what-if scenarios will be addressed as well.

Report Factory & Support - 
1. Get static or dynamic reports based on hierarchy levels, create new reports or change existing reports.
2. Configure Alerts for KPI’s like MSL, OTIF, Perfect store to ensure goods reach the key stakeholders in time if there is a deviation.
3. Suggest better Visualizations for reports that are created by Business Analyst

AI Bots for Business Intelligence -
1. You don’t have to switch multiple windows and sheets again.
2. Our BI chatbots swiftly bring key business insights right to your actively messaging app.
3. They act as the voice of your analytics and bring crisp insights at your fingertips with an added advantage of performing transactions with your LOB systems.

Promotions Advisor
According to Nielsen Holdings, 40 percent of CPG trade promotion spending doesn’t drive the desired results. Our suite acts as an intelligent marketing and trade promotion advisor. It recommends:

- High yield marketing campaigns and sales promotions.
- The right products on which campaigns need to be run.
- The best regions, time and duration for each campaign.
- The amount of investment for each campaign.

Pricing Strategist
Say goodbye to intuition based pricing setting methodologies. Our suite helps you differentiate pricing at multiple segments such as region, SKU, store, and customer. It also lets you build a robust price-pack architecture and lets you optimize pricing strategy for each product size and category.

Inventory and Assortment Manager
The suite allows you to forecast product demand and optimize inventory and in-store assortment based on marketing and sales campaigns. It provides insights on Out of Stock situations and anomaly detection. It helps you define the must stock list for each SKU and store.

Growth Opportunity Forecaster
The advanced analytics capability of the suite forecasts and recommends new product or market or price segment to target. It gives a glimpse of the expected ROI of the growth opportunity and identifies new potential markets.

Operational Efficiency Enhancer 
CPG companies lose a lot of money due to supply chain leakages and operational inefficiencies. The suite recommends improvements for MSL compliance and predicts loss of non-compliance. It also spots the exact causes for OTIF losses and thereby reduces them.

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