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PBI On Tap by Queryon

PBI on Tap is powered by Queryon, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Platforms. We provide a comprehensive suite of Power BI services including:

-Power BI system installation and configuration: If you are new to Power BI and currently do not have the software within your organization, PBI on Tap offers a hassle-free, fixed-fee PBI Now Package.

-Unlimited Power BI tasks and support under an easy-to-manage monthly subscription model: The subscription service allows you to leverage the expertise from Power BI specialists to address any of your Power BI needs, from simple tasks (such as refreshing a PBI report every week) to more involved solutions (such as setting up, designing and implementing brand new customized reports, optimizing data structures and workflows)

-Report monitoring: Proactive Power BI report & dashboard monitoring, with regular checking of report functionality.

-Designing complex custom solutions to meet the needs of your company: gain access to our Power BI experts to address complex scope of work. We can build brand new Power BI reports, optimize your report data structures, or incorporate data validation processes. In addition, because every company's needs are different, we can design from the ground up, highly customized Power BI visuals that don't already exist in the library.  

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