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Re: Sorting a dynamic number of columns alphanumerically

Agreed, but this was requested strongly from the users.

Re: Not possible to get Note (ContentNote) from Salesforce

@nrawlins, Do you get expected result when you connect to Salesforce from Excel? Regards, Lydia

Re: Calculate if value is between dates

Hi @AndreLap   First thing to do is, have a time slicer to select the date you want to see the information from.  Next thing you do, create meausre: active = CALCULTATE(COUNTROWS(t...

How to use power bi calculated data to anther report

I want to ask if I use queries to calculate out report "A", then I need to use report "A" result to anather report" B"calculation,    How should I find the result in report "A"?   ...

Re: Data processing capacity

Hi @GermánArias,   Do you have any other question? If not, can we close the thread now?    Best Regards, Qiuyun Yu

Re: Power BI Report Server - map not displaying in Internet Explorer 11 , displays properly in Chrom

Hi @bp,   Please try to test in the same IE version in different machines to see if the issue only happens to this specific machine.    Best Regards, Qiuyun Yu

Re: Embedding PowerBI in the web page for authenticated external users

Hi @shera276,   It's decided by PG team. I don't heard any ETA now.    Best Regards, Qiuyun Yu 

Re: Dynamic start date filter (Powerpivot)

@LonePedersen,   See table below all work as expected, I think you got your Count dates formula wrong make sure you didn't mix up between signs in the formula.

Re: Theme not Saving In November Update

Morning.   The steps were: create a new report, apply custom theme, save and close report.  Re-open report and theme has not been applied.  This only started happening when I update...

Re: Remove cumulative total

Hi again @Zubair_Muhammad,   I thinky you might be on to something. There is indeed another column that has a date field.  I've uploaded the less-stripped version:

Re: Difference between previous week and this week data

Hi @BILASolution and @Ashish_Mathur   I cannot share the exact data. But I would give you an idea hat I am trying to acheive   Table : Sample Columns : PrincipalBalance...

Data Sample

Hi All,   I hope that i posted the message in the right thread !! if not, sorry   I'm looking for a sample of data concerning sales receip et customer satisfaction. Do you know where...

Heterogeneous bit environments

Hello gurus -   Brand new to PBI.    I've got an 'mixed' enterprise environment.  Some Oracle 64 bits, some Oracle 32 bits, some mysql 32 bits, some Sql server 64 bits.  &...

Editing data source settings for existing report breaks all visuals?

I noticed since the Nov update that if you edit the data source settings when connecting to SSAS Tabular (don't even change the settings just open edit connection and then click OK to all the values ...

Re: measure as a filter

Thanks. I am a bit confused with your 3 tables approach now. Basically, I have Sales and Table 1, I am not sure how to create Table 2 and what is the purpose of it. Is it possible to get the same ...

Dashboard shared for users outside of organisations is null

Hi all. From yesturday users outside of organisation see null dashboards with only the Q&A section. Any suggestions how I can fix this?  

Re: 3 Values, Total Value, Selected Value, Partial Values

Hi @DiegoReis,   You can refer to below steps to achieve your requirement.   Prerequest: 1. Create two slicer tables based on current table columns. 2. Slicer tables can't c...

Re: Drilling down removes filter on other visualization

Hi @lucascolz,   Using drill down options shouldn't reset filters on other visualizations.     Could you be more precisely with your issue by posting some screens...

Re: combined table

@RMV   In such scenario, we may need to create another table and some calculated columns as a trick. The new created table needs to have a column which includes Category A, B, and Gap like...

Re: Using the same data source column to submit a follow up query -Data staging?

Anyone have any suggestions? I feel like I know what I need but just don't know how to modify my data requests to accomplish it.

Re: Is it VLOOKUP or something else

Thanks for responding Phil. No through the relationship builder. From my understanding and again newbie here, if you created a relationship between the 2 tables with the same field that it would merg...

Re: LEFT function is changing case of the last letter

@Erikvbueren - Per the Product team, this is apparently by design:

Typical Size of Power BI Development Team

Hi all,   I'm trying to get a sense for the human resources required to effectively build out a PBI platform. Would you be willing to share your company's size (either revenue of # of employee...

Re: FILTER on multiple tables

Hi @andrewsk   As a NEW TABLE, try this   New Table= FILTER ( 'Product Data', 'Product Data'[ProductCategory] = "Mountain Bikes" && CALCULATE ( AVERAGE ( 'Sales ...