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Accelerating Embedded Analytics for Your Application

Headshot of article author Ofer Ashkenazi

We are delighted to announce the availability of embedded analytics accelerators developed by our partners. These accelerators significantly shorten the time-to-market for self-service analytics experiences that are integrated into customer-facing applications.

Power BI supports multiple embedding scenarios, offering rich functionality. The “Embedding for your customers” scenario offers the highest degree of authentication and authorization flexibility for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). This scenario enables ISVs to keep their existing end-user authentication provider while facilitating customized access control for Power BI items and a highly scalable multitenant implementation. However, leveraging this flexibility involves writing code to utilize the comprehensive Power BI APIs, both to develop the desired front-end user experiences and to create the back-end modules that supports these experiences.

Designed for ISVs and enterprises with similar needs, the new partner accelerators deliver a personalized user experience straight out of the box while simplifying the implementation process. They either eliminate the need for coding or significantly reduce the coding effort by providing back-end and admin modules, allowing for a focus on the custom implementation of the application’s front-end embedded analytics experiences.

These accelerators can be easily purchased and self-deployed from the Azure Marketplace into your Azure environment, making use of your Microsoft Fabric service tenant with Power BI workload. Developed by our partners following product group best practices and guidance, these accelerators offer scalable multitenancy and a comprehensive range of ready-to-use functionalities, customization and integration options designed to meet a variety of customer needs.

Find out the details about these accelerators from our partners by exploring the following resources:

Embedded analytics solution accelerators from Microsoft partners – An overview and schematic architecture, including links to the accelerators’ Azure Marketplace offerings.

Microsoft Partner Showcase – Embedded Analytics Solution Accelerators – Interview recordings that describe each accelerator and the associated partner program.


If you are attending the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference, we invite you to join us for the session: “Accelerate Fabric Embedded Analytics for Your Applications.” In this session, we will delve into and discuss the details of the accelerators and the program that facilitated our collaboration with these partners.