Billets avec balises : R Visuals

Interactive R custom visuals support is here!

R is a strong and popular language, enabling developers to create great analytics on data, as well as visualization. Developers can already create R custom visuals that plugs into Power BI reports, to enable report authors to use those custom visuals without known R. This is a powerful capability to extend the visualizations of Power BI. We are proud to announce that R custom visuals can now also be interactive, by generating HTML as the visual (instead of the static image that was supported until now), R custom visuals are capable of supporting tooltips and selections.

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Tech Tip Thursday: Get started with R Visuals

There’s been a lot of Power BI news lately around R Visuals, but if you’ve never used them before you may not be sure how to get started. This week, Guy in a Cube shows you how to take advantage of the new R Script showcase to explore possibilities and start interacting with your data through R.

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