Sulava Oy - Profit and Workload Optimization

The report visualizes data from a time-tracking software. It shows employees' time usage and profit making within each business area and thus helps companies to make more knowledge based decisions.

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The report shows employees' time usage and profit making within each business area and thus helps companies to make more knowledge based decisions. 

Problem statement: It might be challenging for consulting and other similarly working companies to stay on track how their different business areas are doing: how much profit different business areas are generating and what are their resource usages? 

Key questions include: 

  • Are all business areas making profit? How much profit? 
  • Do employees have too little / enough / too much work? 
  • Is the workload divided evenly within a business area? 
  • Is there a need to re-assign work to even the work load or maybe hire new employees? 
  • How much internal work is there (that doesn't create revenue)? 

Solution: An easy way to see profit and workloads for different business areas. This report does just that. The report is based on data retrieved from Harvest time-tracking software. In addition to Harvest data, companies can create their own business area classification and attach employees to different areas. 

With this report company can follow how well different business areas are making profit and what's the work load within these areas. The report can be used either to make sure that all the business areas are doing good or if some special attention needs to be placed in one or more of them. 

The resource usage then again shows you whether your employees are working too hard or if there are some areas or employees that might need more work. Through this you can find out if for instance you would need to hire more people into to some business areas where employees have too much work or maybe direct sales to focus on areas that need more work. 

Following the amount of internal work is also crucial for any company as it generates costs but no revenue. It's important to track that internal work is keeping in line with the externally billable work.  

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