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You and your company need access to the best reports for what is becoming increasingly important in a competitive business environment. We have our own dedicated and highly skilled Business Intelligence resources whom easily develop customized quality solutions for you and to help you become data driven.


The product suite includes modules for reporting, budgeting and analysis. If you are a medium sized to large companies that require efficient solutions for these areas, you are a typical user of our solutions. The Power BI solutions are integrated with Dynamics 365 and your report design is done with direct access to all data from the ERP system, including customized tables and fields. Forms and reports are created using simple drag and drop functionality in a Microsoft Excel interface, and with our publishing module, reports and forms can be distributed simply and efficiently.


Access management settings determine what each user can see and do with forms and reports. Data warehouse functionality makes it possible to collect data from other systems than the ERP system, so that reports and analysis can show information from all the company’s business critical applications. This will make it easer for you to take the correct decisions faster. 


The story of Axdata begins a December day in Copenhagen year 1997. A group of innovative people with a strong passion for ERP came together and created what today has grown to become Axdata Group. It started with initial ERP implementations and a main focus on businesses within the manufacturing, engineering and service industry – a focus we still have today.


Our CRP (Conference Room Pilots) process and unique solutions secure you a faster and less expensive implementation of truly flexible and future-safe ERP, BI and related business applications that deliver competitive advantage, value, and ROI faster to maximize your efficiency and overall business performance. 

With a great passion for Dynamics and Power BI, we serve customers across national borders.

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