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Bismart is a consulting firm that offers technology-based business solutions specialized in data management and analytics, recognized by Microsoft as the best partner in the world, one of the few Microsoft Gold Partners in data analytics in Spain. Leaders in data processing since 2009.

We help decision making by transforming Big Data into knowledge, through BigData, Data Analytics, Next Generation Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators, Reporting, Datawarehousing and Data Integrations, providing unique solutions to fit customers’ needs.

Our data analysis solutions will help you identify new revenue streams, areas of your business for cost reduction, areas of your business for waste reduction, improvement of management, and so much more.

The solutions that we develop are not limited to any one sector, but rather can be adapted to fit any need in any industry that our clients require. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help you do so much more with your business.


• Microsoft – Business Intelligence Partner of the Year 2013 (Winner)

• Microsoft – Business Intelligence Partner of the Year 2015 (Finalist)

• Microsoft – Data Analytics Partner of the Year 2016 (Finalist)

• Internet of Things Solutions World Congress 2016 – Best Innovation & Technology Solution (Winner)


• We have extensive experience in business management and information systems in the public and private sectors. We have a deep knowledge in state-of-the-art Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing, Analytics, Reporting and Dashboard solutions.

• All our consultants are certified by Microsoft BI and continually update their knowledge and skills.

• Our experience in management information systems (ERP, CRM, financial) allows us to understand quickly and efficiently the needs of a particular business and its employees.



We offer solutions in three key areas:

Integration: Adequate data integration between systems is key in processes such as the consolidation of subsidiary data, the loading of data into a data warehouse and communication between management systems so that business flows are not interrupted.

Management and storage: We do not only implement solutions for data storage and/or analysis. We ensure the quality of the information and that it is easily accessible and understood by users.

Analysis: We cover all aspects of advanced analytics (descriptive, predictive and prescriptive) taking special consideration of the user interface and its design and usability.


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Business Solutions

Our work model is oriented to the identification of insights through a process that pursues the generation of business growth on a data intelligence basis.

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