Adatis - Global Insurance Sales Monitoring : Customer Journey

Adatis combined web analytics, sales and CRM data to help Marketing better understand global sales conversion rates for online quotations.

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Global Insurance Sales Monitoring

Adatis combined web analytics, sales and CRM data to help Marketing better understand global sales conversion rates for online quotations.
In the global online marketplace, monitoring the conversion of digital customer prospects into leads, and subsequent leads into sales, relies on having access to timely information gathered from both external and internal data sources. Prior to this solution, to gain meaningful insights, users had to contend with large volumes of granular data, wrangle multiple spreadsheets and rely on poor quality and often incomplete data to answer even simple (but critical) questions, such as:
- What proportion of prospects become leads and then sales?
- From which countries do prospects and sales originate?
- Which are the top performing marketing channels?
- Which online sources generate the most referrals?
- What are the total policy values of sales by currency?
Today's organisations typically build their business systems portfolio with a combination of both cloud and on premise technologies, presenting challenges to conventional data warehouse and analytics scenarios. Web analytics tools tend to produce data that is both raw and inconsistent (particularly in a global environment), requiring the application of business rules and mappings to conform the data.. 
Using Power BI, Adatis took multi-source/format, tabular data, and transformed it into dynamic, interactive visualisations that allow users to discover insights, leading to better decisions regarding monitoring, problem-solving and ultimately investment.
Now, users can easily:
- Visualise the sales pipeline.
- Measure Prospect to Lead, and Lead to Sales conversion rates.
- Identify which Marketing channels are most profitable and how best to target investment.
- Track where visitors, prospects, leads and sales originate.
- Better understand which products generate demand in which countries
. . . as well as many more useful metrics and insights..
Using Power BI, Adatis have transformed several unconnected and low quality data into a strategic asset, empowering users to make informed and confident decisions about the sales of their products and the customer journey.

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