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Our HR analytics reports provide invaluable insight into the demographics of our employees, as well as high level KPI’s on our staff turnover, forecasting leavers in the coming year and using matrices to drill down into employee details.

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Most organisations have a human resources department that deal with starters and leavers within the business. As well as this, HR potentially organise starter packs, employee training, recruitment adverts, deal with recruitment costs, and or simply analyse the overall state of the organisation in terms of diversity and equality and more.

The scenario

Our Global Recruitment partner was unable to visualise the turnover of staff. They could not see which sectors were being effected the most. They had no idea who had been here for a year and who had been here for 20 years! Furthermore, they would like to know who those 20 year employees are and thank them for their continued commitment to the company.

Due to size of the organisation the turnover rate creeping up, Global Recruitment would also like and idea of how many employees they expect to leave in the coming year.  

The solution

The first page of the report begins with some basic employee demographics. This swiftly moves onto a trend of the starters and leavers in the company. You may notice spikes around March and April for the past couple of years? To the left of the trend you can see where our current employees reside, this of course is interactive throughout.

As you scroll further down you will see a scatter graph that gives some insight into the starters and leavers by sector. In an instant, it gives the user an idea of what is going on. There is also a visual on starters and leavers by sector, and a count of employees grouped by the years of service to the company.

The final row of visuals displays the breadth of nationalities within the organisation, along with the diverse split of ethnicities employed by the company.

The second page simple displays the forecast of leavers in the coming year. This assists with staffing costs, recruitment budgets, and ensures additional training is provided for sectors that have the most staff turnover, in an attempt to reduce the number of leavers.

The final page allows the user to analyse counts of employees by drilling down into the finite details of the employee using the drill down functionality.


As you can see the we ensure not only is the customer expectation reached, but exceeded. The flow, layout, information on screen is as important as the visuals themselves. We pride ourselves on getting to know your organisation and working from the inside out.

Business Intelligence tells a story, let us write your autobiography.

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