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Get real-time analysis of critical business operations and real-time insights from core business operations. Drill into sales and marketing performance data, and address bottlenecks recognized in the sales funnel. Analyse financial results including profit, revenues and expenses. Aggregate and analyse data across different sectors and spectrums.

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Every business needs knowledge to make informed decisions which can greatly impact their business.  This means that there is a high reliance on the business history that data holds. 

The Sales Data Analytics solution is comprised of following dashboards: Sales, Customers, and Procurement.

  • The Sales dashboard shows interesting insights for sales made by your Company, over the years., including revenue received from sales, units sold and proportion of target achieved based on location, salesperson, and the product. These insights are important to guide your decision-making process for Sales Managers and the business owners. 

  • The Customers Rep dashboard shows customers of a particular product or across different products. Additionally, you can see data concerning customer spend on products over a period.  It informs a Product Owner about the customers willing to buy a particular product and those who will buy in the future, based on forecast. 
  • The Procurement dashboard is beneficial to Business owners, Procurement Officers and Logistics Officers.  A Procurement Officer’s job is greatly enhanced if he/she can see a list of companies frequently purchases at a glance.  This view enables a Procurement Officer to make wiser and more cost-effective purchases for the company, backed by data.  The Procurement dashboard also shows which vendor frequently sells poor goods, and the amount spent on purchasing goods. 

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