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At AlphaBOLD, we want to help you improve your business processes by implementing the best possible solution. Therefore, AlphaBOLD has employed talented and skilled Power BI analysts who follow a collaborative approach to remain competent and up to date with the new developments in Power BI. 

Our skilled employees, whom we refer to as BOLDEnthusiasts, use Power BI to embark clients on a digital transformation journey. They combine their intellectual expertise with their practical knowledge of the industry to deliver robust solutions to the clients. 

AlphaBOLD consultants maintain data on a single platform through managed EDWH services. By leveraging SQL Server Integration Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data warehouse, and Azure Databases, we design self-governing ETL/ELT processes best fit for Power BI data models. We manage Power BI dedicated capacities for large volume data models.

We implement Power BI solutions to minimize time associated with process annotation. We optimize data processing for salable cloud computing solutions.

Our managed Power BI analytics services help our customers get visibility into business silos and enable informed decision making. They provide a birds’ eye view of the entire business and the ability to drill down into specifics. With our regular/ad-hoc reports, interactive dashboards, subscription alerts, self-service analytics, and business forecasting, you have everything you need to be on top of your business. This helps clients to improve planning, manage daily business activities, detect anomalies in the system, improve budget planning, and optimize business processes. 

Typically, we follow the following steps to convert data into information.

  • Understanding of the business
  • Problem identification
  • Transformation
  • Presentation 
  • Feedback\Training

AlphaBOLD consultants help you to be Industry 4.0 ready. With the ability to manage Petabytes of data using Azure cloud, including Data Lakes, Azure Data warehouse, and Power BI. AlphaBOLD designs and implements big data solutions to generate deep insights in short response time to give our clients the edge they need to stay ahead of the curve. We process high velocity and a variety of raw data for our clients to gain business insights from large data sets. 

AlphaBOLD ensures that companies employ actionable insights that drive their planning and decision-making process to contribute to endless corporate growth and development.

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