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Cittabase Solutions has been working with clients on their Next Generation Analytics and Digital Transformation initiatives and help clients migrate their Analytical workload to cloud.

Cittabase with its Azure expertise and certified consultants provide end-to-end solution in the Azure platform. Organizations looking to unlock the information from multiple data sources and all they need is an affordable, integrated tool which can provide effective Visualization. Our methodology inhibits a business process change to help organization focus on supporting key business objective with end-to-end self-service Suite.

Cittabase Lifeline Analytics is available in PowerBI and has been built for Healthcare institution of any size. It has a pre-defined Industry standard KPIs and use cases that solves multiple problems for a Healthcare operator. With its powerful Clinical, Operational and Financial KPIS Lifeline Analytics helps healthcare organizations to solve the challenges like Better clinical outcome, Improved Quality of care, Reduced cost of Care, Timely and Accurate Statutory reporting, and Strategic planning for future.

Cittabase Lifeline Analytics in PowerBI is an

  • End-to-end Healthcare Analytics Solution.
  • Pre-built and Customizable.
  • Quick and easy rollout.
  • Highly agile to ensure success.
  • Cloud friendly.

Cittabase Lifeline Analytics has the following AI/ML use cases using Azure ML and PowerBI

  • Forecasting Models for Estimated LOS
  • Prediction Model for Returns to ICU, Comorbidity of a Chronic Patient, Sepsis Prediction

Cittabase Lifeline Analytics is an Enterprise solution using PowerBI catering Admission Office, Service Provider, Clinician and Senior Management. Cittabase has pre-built Solutions in PowerBI For DiabetesCare, Oncology and Healthcare Costing. Cittabase has Industry specific solutions in PowerBI for Healthcare, Energy Trading & Power Utility, Shipping with Industry Standard KPIs.

Cittabase has helped organizations in migrating their ETL workloads to Azure Cloud and SSRS reports to PowerBI.

Our Key services include Microsoft Analytics Consulting, Modernize data Warehouse Platforms, Cloud data migration, IOT Analytics, Big Data Analytics with PowerBI Visualizations and PowerBI Migration Services.


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