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Data Bear

With a vertical focus on Power BI, Data Bear has an established record of delivering robust and modern analytics solutions. Using latest technologies and best practice, our goal is to make the process of obtaining rich business insights as simple and as cost effective as possible. We achieve this by bridging the gap between many popular ERP systems and the need for simple and instant access to a suite of business analytics tools. To simplify the process of getting the right data into the right hands, based on over a decade of deep domain experience, our team of BI experts have developed a suite of ‘Critical Areas’ Power BI solutions. These include: • Financial Analysis (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, Cash flow, Financial ratios) • Debtor analysis • BOM Analysis • Sales Analysis • Project Analysis • Purchase Analysis Traditionally, the cost of these types of solutions require large time and monetary investments. Through our custom-built Power BI connectors and apps, we have removed previous constraints to providing you with the solution of your dreams. We will help you analyze your business, spot trends and discover key insights that help push your business further. Our custom built Power BI reports and dashboards are built with your needs in mind, and when these needs change, the self-service tools we provide allows you to adapt to these changes. Our range of Business Intelligence services and products are specifically designed to make the process of data storytelling as simple, efficient and cost effective as possible. Ranging from large encumberments to SMEs, we have deployed many versatile Power BI solutions which drive business change. To ensure that our solutions are tailored to your needs, we provide specific requirements analysis templates for each department within your organization. With Data Bear as your partner, turning your rows of data into a compelling visual story has never been easier. For more information, please visit our website:

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