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Diyar United Company

1- Creating Decision Support system (DSS) for Emarat (UAE – Dubai) using
DWH, Microsoft Power BI
“ business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions.”
Retail Payment and RFID Solution
Analytical Platform that makes use of theories, methodologies, architectures, and technologies to transform the RFID Payment and Retails System operational data into meaningful and useful information for business decisions making purposes.

The following describes the Logical Architecture for the Decision Support System

v  Data integration Layer

v  Master Data Management Layer

v  Data Analysis Layer

v  Visualization Layer 

2- Creating Decision Support system (DSS) for ADNOC (UAE – Abu Dhabi)
using DWH, Microsoft Power BI
Decision Support system (DSS) which analyze the data residing in the transnational and operational databases. and consolidated that into a centralized Data Warehouse, which will be the base core for the Business Intelligence Solution, which will facilitate eventually presenting the analyzed and transformed data to Decision Makers through interactive intelligent visualizations.

3- EPA (Environment Public Authority) in Kuwait 
Decision Support system which analyze the data for more 12 e-Process and analyze data for Chemical process and integration between EPA , PAI (Public Authority for Industry) and the General Administration of Customs. 
using DWH , ETL , Microsoft Power BI

v  Build interactive dashboards from reports

v  Different ways to build reports

v  import data from various data sources

v  upload pre-existing reports

v  construct interactive reports from scratch

v  Pin charts from reports to a dashboard with one click

v  Edit your reports and dig deeper into your data by

v  adding and removing fields

v  changing visualization types

v  creating new visualizations

v  adding / deleting visualizations and pages from the report

v  See your data the way you want it        

v  Visualize data in a variety of ways

v  Growing number of visualization types, including donuts, basic area, waterfall, filled maps, tree maps, funnel, gauges combo charts and more 

v  Cross-filter across visualizations within a report to surface new insights

v  Stay connected from any device

v  Access dashboards using native mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android

v  Set favorites for important visualizations

v  Zoom in and out of a visualization

v  Annotate visualization and share snapshot with others

v  Configure alerts to get notifications on critical business KPIs


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