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Moyo Business Advisory

“What does your company do?” is one of those questions that always pop up in any situation, whether 
you are in a familiar social environment or when you meet a new prospect. It is the business equivalent 
of conversation starters such as “the weather has been strange, hasn’t it?” and “do you play golf?”
While  most  companies  have  a  straightforward  answer  to  this  question,  it  is  not  always  that  simple  to                    
explain what MOYO does. 

Defining one of the biggest business challenges of our time, John Zachman, an early pioneer of enterprise 
architecture, said:“When the rate of change increases to the point that real time required to assimilate 
change exceeds the time in which change must be manifest, the enterprise is going to find itself in 
deep yogurt.”

“Keeping our clients out of the yogurt” is not necessarily the conventional way to describe what we 
do, but in the context of the rapidly changing business environment, it is definitely a good analogy of 
what is at our core.

Our aim has always been to provide world class consulting skills in order to enable our clients to achieve 
operational excellence in business change enablement.  

We have been able to do this through the skills and diversity of our team of  consultants.  Bringing          
together general and operational management in our team structure also ensures that we can adapt 
to each client through providing an efficient and personal service.

Creating an environment where our consultants can hone their skills, is the key to our success. Through 
various initiatives including our Graduate Business Consultant program, we are dedicated to grow     
careers and developing highly skilled consultants for today and for the future.

Our strength also lies in our belief in loyalty and trust as the two most important building blocks in      
building relationships. It is of utmost importance to us to deliver the quality of work promised and we 
strive to maintain an open relationship with our clients.

Moyo Business Advisory (MOYO) was established in 2007 with the objective to solve business problems 
through a range of services associated with Business- and IT-projects.  This is executed by a range of 
adaptation professionals like Architects, Business Analysts and Project Managers.

Since our inception, MOYO has grown to become a preferred service provider to a wide range of 
well-known corporate clients, who has a diverse range of services within the enterprise, change, and 
performance management context.

Today, the challenge to adapt in business is universal, one which requires new solutions, but with            
methodical  thinking.  We  are  a  company  that  works  with  all  our  stakeholders,  both  internal  and                        
external, to design, analyse and implement business models that will serve as the foundation for a 
strong and sustainable future for all of us.

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