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Thaltegos GmbH

Thaltegos GmbH is a Munich-based management consultancy with a focus on data science and big data. Thaltegos combines strategic competence and analytical methodology, creating integrated solutions and innovative business models along the value chain. Customers benefit from both the optimization of the customer experience along the customer journey and the performance-oriented design of the sales funnel. The industry focus is automotive, mobility and retail.


We turn data into strategic value-added! Data mining, data science, data strategy, business intelligence as well as big data analytics and prediction analytics are the expertise of thaltegos. We use the acquired information to derive insights based on prediction models and recommendations for action in the areas of location intelligence, marketing, sales, after-sales, and service. By doing so we directly contribute to improving your performance!


We use Power BI as a state-of-the-art modern reporting solution for various business customers' needs:


  • Set Up of a standardized Power BI reporting system for internal and external users
  • Development of an integrated digital performance reporting tool as a basis for the optimization of digital marketing- and sales activities
  • Combination und consolidation of BI data as well as of internal und  external tracking data in Azure SQL Server database
  • Calculation and visualization of the KPIs in Power BI, their mutual relationships and their variability during passage of time
  • Visualization of Sales Funnel, Revenue und Cost Control with Power BI
  • Set Up of Role Based Access Control using Row Level Security and AD Security Groups in Power BI
  • Reduction of manual efforts through providing Power BI dashboards for each department


Our Power BI Services:


  • Connection of data sources (cloud / on-premise)
  • Data transformation
  • Development of reports and dashboards
  • Role Base Access Control with Azure Security Groups
  • Training

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