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The Implementation Group B.V.

The Implementation Group (TIG) is the Information Provider for the education sector in the Benelux. We specialize in developing and implementing innovative and user friendly dashboard and analytics solutions for the education sector and her channel partners. Implementing standard and custom made solutions for more than 12 years TIG; from primary schools to higher education. Serving over 65% of the educational institutes, TIG has become market leader for secondary and MBO education.

Our mission is to contribute to better education by helping schools realize a data informed education culture.

We help schools in gaining cross-domain and integral control of their education quality, student satisfaction, HR and finance. TIG combines Power BI analytics expertise with in-depth knowledge of the sector (rules/regulation/definitions etc), relevant themes and key applications for student administration, HR and finance (i.e. Magister, Somtoday, Eduarte, Osiris, AFAS, Raet, Exact, Xedule). For many of these applications TIG has developed standard connectors.

Most of our colleagues have many years of experience in implementing and accompanying our customers. Many bring in field experience from former jobs in education or from a position at one of the key software vendors in the sector.

In addition to delivering state of the art solutions we specialize in helping our customer become more data literate. Although almost everybody is convinced of the added value of having relevant (data) insights, many struggle to get the most return out of their data. With a complete academy of trainings, workshops and programs we help and guide our customers to make the most out of their investments in analytics.

Due to TIG's broad experience in developing standard and tailor-made solutions for education we have extensive knowledge of all educational sectors. Using data science, TIG conducts research into various educational issues and, combined with MS Power BI experience, converts this into relevant actionable insights.

TIG can help you make the right choices, set up, but also manage your Microsoft BI environment.

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