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Tumble Road LLC

Tumble Road enables companies to make better decisions, using Microsoft technologies. 

Your business success depends on making the right decision at the right time. You need reliable and timely data to support that decision. We work with you to get control of your data and create better visualizations of that data.

We are different because we focus on three aspects when working with you to define your success.
  • Vision. We help you find effective ways to gather and act upon your data, that is much richer than simple reporting.
  • Quality. We focus on data quality and use best practice visual presentation techniques to convey trust in the data.
  • Expertise. We use broadly skilled people, usually Microsoft MVPs, to evaluate your business need and formulate solutions.

We offer the following offerings.
  • Executive Advisory Service. We provide your executives with ongoing advisories of strategic direction changes, introductions and demos of new and changed technology as well as considerations for future planning.
  • Marquee™ Intelligence Power BI based solutions. Get to using your Power BI reports in days, not weeks, with our jump start solutions for Microsoft business products. Now available for Microsoft Project Online, ServiceNow, and CA PPM.  See a demo here.
  • Power BI Training. We provide both public and private Power BI training for you and your organization. Training can be delivered in person or virtually, anywhere in the world.
  • Power BI Celebrity Service. Let us meet your immediate business intelligence needs for you, by developing your Power BI content and managing the solution, allowing you time to learn the new tools.
  • Solution Implementation Planning and Execution. Together, we build and deliver a fully working solution that addresses your business needs. We then help you implement it in a maintainable way within the organization. We support Power BI, Project Online, Project Server, SharePoint, Teams, Flow, and Power App technologies as part of our implementations.

Let's talk about your future success. Contact us today.. 

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