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Re: Filtering a page based on a measure

Thanks for highlighting that.  Have voted for it.

Retrieve latest date

Hi   I am new to power bi.  I have two tables  like  table 1  "item master" and table 2 "item ledger" i want to create a new column for "last sale date"  Please he...

Re: Create a Waterfall chart with 2 Metrics

Hi @vickyd   I suggest use the "Line and clustered column chart" or some similar visual instead a waterfall chart.       Regards

Re: Power BI musings of a new user

Thanks so much for your feedback, and welcome to the Community!   I hope we continue to see you around in some of the lively discussions currently going on.  Let me know if you have...

Re: Selecting a visual of the same type doesn't show correct font

@Ross73312   I’ve got response from the Product Team.   This issue should will be fixed in the December 2017 release.   Best Regards, Herbert

Re: Change dataset for "Power BI service" live connection?

Hi @kevhav, Congratulations, you have resolved your issue by yourself. Please mark your solution as answer, so more members here will find workaround easily and clearly. Best Regards,...

Re: Problem when calling Dataset refresh API

Hi @nphdiem95 Where did you find examples to do this? Can you provide me the example code? Thanks in advance

Re: Powerbi report server custom authentication

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft, I have Power BI Report Server and I have followed all steps as mentioned in this article. Now when I browse, login page shows correctly. However whenever I click eiher "R...

Re: Setup Testenvironment

Hey, sure:   A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accesssible. Verify that the instance name...

Re: Calculate Average based on latest month

The FILTER option didn't work. The formula went through fine, but the filter function itself isn't filtering anything.  Sorry - I accidentally accepted that as the solution but it was the VAR a...

Re: Slow Azure DocumentDB dataload to PowerBI Desktop with dynamic RUs

@v-caliao-msft   Hi thanks for reply.   Otherwise good thinking, but the thing, my connection was working like a jar of butterflies - that is of course - like fast and great before. &n...

Re: double loading when source = table

Table 1 load 300 XML file from folder and it take 10 minute. then I do some work on the data. The source of table2 is table1 and now all the process take 20 minthe. I see no reason why all the XML ...

Conditional Formatting for Total and Subtotals in tables and matrices

Is it possible to add some kind of conditional formatting in totals and subtotals in tables and matrices?

Re: double loading when source = table

Thanks for all the information. but i still feel that i have no good solution to my problem. 1. my question was on loading time and not run query time. 2. because i do lots of work on table 2 I can...

Re: visualizations pane and fields pane is not displaying in power bi desktop report view

Ok Thanks.  I am not sure why visualization pane get disappears immediately.  Let me wait for the support team to come back. Please let me know if you find anything else regarding this issu...

Re: De-duplicatd headcount

OK. Is this what you had in mind?

Re: DirectQuery option disabled to SQL Server database

Each  pbix file can only use one Data Connectivity mode. So if you had previously uploaded data via "Import", you will not be able to use "DirectQuery" within that same report. Solution is to op...

Problems importing PBIX by means of REST APIs

Disclaimer: I'm very new to Power BI and PowerShell!   I have been trying to import a report .pbix file to a workspace, by following the very detailed tutorial given here b...

Re: PowerBI changes data table name to RealTimeData and creates errors

I can repro the issue, but the provided "workaround" seems like awful lot to do for a simple update, any comments Microsoft?

Re: Opened vs closed column chart with date filter

I have checked around for the right way to create a date table but havent been able to find a definitive answer unfortunately.

Re: Connecting to Power BI ReportServer

Hi @jbud55,   Publish Power BI reports to the report server for others to access need  Power BI Pro  licenses. In desktop, you need to sign in with account has Pro license, t...

Re: How to create numeric range slicer

The only difference will be that there is no 'to' between the numbers. If you want to achieve the exact thing as above, you'd have to make it yourself

Re: Filters and data tables

Hi @samucaeq,   To filter multiple table visuals via a single slicer, you should create corresponding relationships between these tables based on common fields. Please see this article:...

Re: How to create numeric range slicer

i want same to same this type visual......