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Announcing: The Power BI app for Microsoft Teams is now available in the US Government Community cloud

We’re excited to announce the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams is available in the US Government Community clouds (GCC). This enables organizations in GCC to use Power BI as a data hub, enables users to find data without context switches, and to bring data into more collaboration to help make better decisions.

The Power BI app for Windows is now available

Today, Microsoft announced the release of the Power BI Preview for Windows app available on the Windows Store . This app offers an easy and native experience designed especially for Windows platforms, enabling you to explore live dashboards and…

Power BI Designer May Update

Today we’re announcing a new update to the Power BI Designer Preview. This month’s update is packed with lots of new features across the Data Modeling, Analytics, Get Data & Transformations areas of the product: Data Modeling…

Have You Voted for Your Favorite Power BI Demo?

Indulge in some harmless video-binging while being awed by the talent in this community of data buffs . The voting period for the Power BI Demo Contest ends soon. So get to it! Watch as many demos as you can, then cast your vote by 5 pm PT today, January…

Getting Visualized: Transforming Data from Opaque to Immersive with Power Map for Excel

Guest post by Kirk Chritton, Director of Product Innovation, MCH Strategic Data At MCH Strategic Data we’ve specialized in capturing, segmenting, and applying education and healthcare marketing data for our clients since 1928. In the early days…

Behind the Scenes: How Power BI Handled The World Cup

In this post Importing the Data with Power Query Getting the right format with Power Query Power Pivot Power Q&A Crawl, then walk This year’s world cup was filled with unbelievable surprises; Miroslav Klose’s record breaking…

Power BI June Roundup

“For many companies data is buried treasure. There are riches in there that can completely and utterly transform a company’s fortunes, but they don’t do you any good if you don’t have the tools to dig them up” according to Geoff Carter…

Back to the Future with Power Query – Invalid Object name

I got pulled into an interest case this week that brought back some fond memories. The customer was trying to use Power Query to connect to SQL Server, but was getting errors. It was indicated that pulling in data via Power Pivot or the Excel Data Tab…

Meet our Demo Contest Grand Prize Winner: Michael Carper

It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights! It’s time to announce the grand prize winner of the Power BI Demo contest tonight! (ok, technically today) Congratulations to Michael Carper and his Power BI demo of live tweeting during NBA…

See the big picture with Power BI for Office 365

With Power BI for Office 365 you can consume and share your dashboards on the go. You can choose between our Power BI app or HTML5 reports to share and collaborate from anywhere on any device. Watch this new video to see how you can “Express Your Cells…

The Oscars with Power BI

Move over Winter Olympics at Sochi—it’s time for the 86 th Academy Awards! While we roll out the red carpet, what better time to step behind the scenes and into Microsoft Power BI to create some visual effects on the most significant movie…

Power BI June 2021 Feature Summary

Welcome to the June update! Loads of updates on connectors this time around. Also, DirectQuery support for Dataflows is now generally available! On top of that, we are happy to announce the preview of the paginated reports visual – we know many of you have been eagerly awaiting it, so take it for a spin and provide your feedback! Our Small Multiples and DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services previews are still ongoing and receiving some updates this month. There is much more, so read on!

Announcing Scanner API (Admin REST APIs) enhancements to include dataset tables, columns, measures, DAX expressions, and mashup queries

The huge enhancement to the APIs we’re announcing today includes the items our customers have been asking for most – now, as part of the API response, you can get the metadata of dataset tables and columns, measures, DAX expressions, and mashup queries.

Power BI Windows app has new look (preview)!

Power BI Windows app is designed to provide great Power BI consumption experience for Windows users. Business users who do not need to create or edit reports can use this app for simpler and easier view and usage of reports, dashboards and apps. In this release we are introducing preview of Power BI Windows app’s new look, which includes new home page.

Export to Excel Improvements for Table and Matrix Visuals (Preview)

We’re excited to announce enhancements to the export to Excel experience. Read this blog to learn how these changes help more Excel users use data from Power BI to make decisions.

More easily integrate goals into all your business processes

We’re excited to announce new capabilities and improvements for Power BI goals that make it easier than ever to integrate goals into all of your business processes. Learn about the new goals visual, Power Automate integration, goal level permissions, and other experience enhancements.

Power BI Report Server September 2021 Feature Summary

We’re excited to bring you a new version of Power BI Report Server this Fall! With the September 2021 update, we have a variety of new enhancements, including line charts improvements, new formatting options for buttons, small multiples new feature, and new Model View.

Enhanced experience for browsing visuals

A new look for the Power BI in-product store coming with August release!  In the store you can browse all the visuals authorized by your organization.

Power BI Ideas site updates

Since Power BI launched, we have been listening carefully across our different avenues of feedback to what you, our users, need added to the product. Our Ideas site has been the main place for you to leave suggestions. In July 2020 we migrated to a new platform using Dynamics 365 and Power Portals, and we heard from you about issues with the new site. Over the past year, we addressed many of those issues and have recently made a larger update to fix some major problems.

New Premium Metrics App preview now available

We are excited to announce that the all new metrics app for premium capacities is available here as public preview! Please be sure to check the docs for detailed installation instructions. This app will be the standard and only metrics app available out of the box for premium capacities after Premium Gen2 reaches General Availability … Continue reading “New Premium Metrics App preview now available”

Announcing the public preview of Power BI REST API support for DAX Queries

We are very excited to announce the public preview of a new REST API to query datasets in Power BI by using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Among other things, this new DAX REST API helps to address customer feedback concerning programmatic access to the data in a dataset (for example, the idea REST API access to READ datasets with almost 500 votes by the time of this announcement). The new DAX REST API avoids dependencies on Analysis Services client libraries, requires no connection to XMLA endpoints, and works in Power BI Premium as well as in Power BI shared capacity

What’s new with ArcGIS for Power BI

ArcGIS for Power BI is a custom data visualization tool built within Power BI that brings mapping capabilities to your reports and dashboards. ArcGIS for Power BI is now available on Power BI Report Server. This functionality will enable all Esri Enterprise users who use Report Server to seamlessly use ArcGIS for Power BI.

Power BI as a superset of Azure Analysis Services

Power BI is the leading platform for both self-service and IT-managed enterprise BI. We have taken great strides to bring AAS capabilities to Power BI. Power BI has inherited a large ecosystem of developers, partners, BI tools, and solutions built up over decades.

Join us! Power BI Dev Camp – Thursday 25 February 2021, Developing with .NET 5 and App-Owns-Data Embedding

Learn how to develop cutting-edge web applications using .NET 5, Azure AD and the App-Owns-Data embedding model in Power BI. Campers will get increasingly excited as the learn how to implement App-Owns-Data embedding in a custom .NET 5 web application which involves first calling the Power BI Service API and then afterwards calling the Power BI JavaScript API with client-side code in the browser to complete the embedding process.

Announcing the new Charticulator visual (Public Preview)

Announcing Charticulator visual preview. Previously to use Charticulator, a user would flip between the web app at and Power BI (PBI). Now, users can create a wide range of custom chart designs right within PBI using our brand-new Microsoft Charticulator custom visual.