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Re: Dataflow: Random Errors while trying to refresh NAV ODATA queries via enterprice gateway

HI @Alex_Rajkov,   I check your error messages and found they all mentioned Internet issue. Where is your datasource server host? Can you double check to confirm your network state...

Re: Filter on certain filter category

Hi @MxJ,   Try this formula, please.   Wholesale Growth = IF (     ISBLANK ( [Total Wholesale] );     ...

Re: replacing data source

@Mab,   Have you solved your issue by now? If you have, could you please help mark the correct answer to finish the thread? Your contribution will be much appreciated.   Regards, ...

Re: Power BI Tricky new question

@Greg_Deckler   yes, it is structured like my firtst table

Re: Salesforce Activities

Salesforce Objects

Re: Easiest way to gather Bitly click data on a daily/weekly basis

I just can not seem to figure it out.  I feel completely lost TBH.  There doesn't seem to be any forum posts that are looking to do the same thing I am doing.

Re: Create a new table with multiple rows for each ID based on date.

Needs some work but this should provide the general idea and get you started.   Table = VAR __table1 = FILTER(ALL('Table11'),[ID]=100) VAR __table2 = FILTER(ALL('Table11'),[ID]=101) VAR __t...

Re: LOOKUPVALUE help please

This would be far easier with data. Please see this post regarding How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly:

Count how many times terms appear in another column with filters

Hey all, hoping someone can help with this. I'm trying to count how many times each term in Table1 appears in Table2 phrase column for all the phrases selected and where the category is "A". On my pa...

Re: Windows Authentication with Import & Direct Query

@slip67 I stand corrected, I've never done this setup personally but it does appear that you should be able to set this up for Direct Query scenarios. Import will still only use the account you ...

Re: multiple queries for SPC data

Tough to visualize. Sample/example data would make it much more clear. Please see this post regarding How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly:

How To Use REST API's

I have a CRM that uses REST APi's that requires OAuth Access Token to authorize the request. When one builds a report inside the CRM it automatically creates an API for that report suc...

Re: RELATED, MERGE table or none

If you can do it, 2 should provide the fastest calculations because you would want to do that in the Query Editor so there is less work to be done calculating things during display. All 3 will work h...

Re: IF statement

Everytime I try this I get the following error.   Calculation error in measure 'WP_plan'[CircleCaringComp]: The value for 'CircleCaring = "Completed"' cannot be determined. Either 'CircleCarin...

Re: Select a value with the filter of previous month and create a new column. Power Query (M code)

Thanks for the response Nick. But that it was only a example. I want select the value of the column that has the previous month. Imagine that it is not a number, but it is a letter or other thing.

Double-Axis Horizontal Stacked Bar - Scatter Combo Chart?

Hello,   I'm trying to create a double-axis bar chart like this Salesforce one in PowerBI - but there is no double-axis horizontal stacked bar chart option. Any suggestions?     &...

Re: Working with date periods

Hi Greg, As an input I have this datatable:  And I would like to generate a new data table with the below look: Many thanks in advance      

Re: Lookup which includes multiples, duplicates and null values

Thank you for your help, sorry I'm not good at posting stuff including links etc... I think the answer is   Column = IF(ISBLANK('Trial Balance'[SourceTransaction.UID]),FALSE(),IF(ISBLANK('Tri...

Re: Schedule Refresh Error

Hi there Does the authentication work successfully?

Re: Azure Analysis Services, Azure AD, and RLS

Hi,   I have tried the same steps as above to implement row level security in azure analysis services and Power BI. But did not work.   However, it was working on tabular model. That me...

Query string parameters issue in URL

My report is being embedded in a custom internal portal in the form of a iFrame. The portal will pass filters to the iFrame.   Consider the following table.    I am only inte...

Re: Is there a way to display a popup chart on click of a cell in a matrix?

I would recommend checking out Report Page Tooltips.

Re: Divide based on first row

Hi,   You may download my PBI file from here.  

Replacing a value in direct query mode

Hi, is it possible to add a column and add dax that would include something like.. if text.contains([date], "1800" then "" else ([date])? The problem is there is a default date in the view I'm using ...