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Reminder: WebView2 will be required for the next Power BI Desktop release

Headshot of article author Jeroen ter Heerdt

Starting with the next Power BI Desktop release, WebView2 will be required. If you have not switched over yet, please take action now to avoid interruptions!

As first announced in June 2021, we are switching a vital component of Power BI from CefSharp to WebView2. We’re making this switch to better optimize our development and release process (which means we’ll be able to spend more time developing new features!). It also means that you’ll automatically get the latest security patches as the WebView2 team ships them instead of waiting for us to update Power BI Desktop.

Please refer to this blog for details on how to install and enable WebView2 as well as our dedicated section on WebView2 related troubleshooting in our documentation. In addition to steps you can take yourself to solve problems caused by WebView2, this page includes important information that you can collect before reaching out to our support team to get help faster.

As always, if you need help, please reach out to our support team through the channels available to your organization or open an Issue here.