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Introducing the new look for Power BI Service

Today we’re excited to announce a public preview of the ‘new look’ for Power BI service. We’re refreshing the user interface to provide a modern experience that’s simpler and builds on customers’ familiarity with Microsoft products. This initial release has updates to the report viewing experience, with more updates planned over the next few months. Here’s a peek into a sample report with the new look  –

Sample report with the new look
Sample report with the new look

Note: We will start rolling out the new look this week. It will be enabled for all users by July 31, 2019. More details in the Opt in, phased roll out section below.

Why the change?

The new look is inspired by the growing use of Power BI among data workers in organizations and is designed to deliver a balance of power and simplicity. In recent times, we’ve seen a significant change in the way users interact with Power BI. Customers love the power of having a rich set of features while also seeking simplicity in user experience.

Power BI is used by millions of people every month, and we recognize the diversity in customer needs. To create the ideal experience for all users, we’ve followed a customer-centric design process, where each enhancement is informed by feedback from several customers and finalized after rigorous rounds of validation and refinement. So far, we’ve heard many encouraging things about the new look from our preview customers. Are you excited? Read on to get more details or head over to and explore the new look.


What’s changed in the new look?

Summary of changes in the new look
Summary of changes in the new look

1. Metadata – We’ve surfaced details such as last refresh date, contact information to help customers find additional context on the report.

2. Vertical navigation – Report pages are now more prominent, building on customers’ familiarity with navigation in Word and PowerPoint. Users can further customize the screen area by resizing the pane.

3. Simplified action bar – A new, updated action bar designed to surface the most relevant commands front and center for end users, making it easier to export, subscribe, collaborate with others and delve deeper through filters and bookmarks.

4. New filters experience – The new filters experience including the pop up filter list, updated filters pane will be available by default for all reports with the new look.

5. New colors and icons – Across the user interface, we’ve switched to a lighter color theme and updated icons – so that they complement the canvas making report content the main point of focus.

Power BI Report with the new look
Quick tour of the new look

6. Feature parity – No functionality has been removed. Additional commands such as edit, save a copy etc., can be found by expanding the ‘…’ menu in the action bar. Usage metrics can be accessed from the content list.  No changes to edit mode. We’ve kept the authoring experience similar to that in Desktop. The new look changes apply to the reading view only.

Here’s a summary of the action bar changes for a report in the new look.

Power BI Report actions with the new look
Report actions – existing vs new look

You can find more details at a guide to navigating the new look

7. Consistent experience – Dashboards are getting the new look too. We’ve made common UX elements consistent across dashboards, reports and apps,  while retaining the functional differences. See below a sample dashboard with the new look –

Sample dashboard with new look on
Sample dashboard with the new look

Here’s a walk through of the dashboard actions with the new look.

Dashboard actions - existing vs new look
Dashboard actions – existing vs new look


Opt-in, phased roll out

We recognize that established skills and routines are powerful—and that some of you may be accustomed to specific parts of the user interface. So, we want to give customers time to adapt to the new design through an opt-in roll out before making the new look the default experience. All Power BI Service users will be able to opt-in to the new look using the new toggle.

Opting in to the new look
Opting in to the new look

Today’s roll out is a first step towards making Power BI easier to use and accessible to many more. Over the next few months we will deploy updates to the new look in stages. We will carefully monitor feedback as the changes roll out and plan to make the new look the default experience in approximately 2-3 months.

Have comments, feedback, or ideas for next steps? We’d love to hear from you. You can vote on new feature ideas or discuss in forums, leave a comment below, or respond to in-product feedback prompts.