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Re: Pivot Chart from Power Query on New Excel Sheet throws exception 0x800A03EC

Hi @v-huizhn-msft, all,   Any thoughts on the information I provided?   Thanks   PowerBIGuest

Re: Drilllthough sometimes does not pass filter

Lydia,    How do you want to receive the PBIX, I don't see an attachment.   I would prefer to private message you, but don't see an attachment option there either.    ...

Re: Userelationship returns wrong results

Hi @riic0,   You need to have two measures one for open incidents and another for closed incidents in terms of relationships you need to have one of two options:   1) Linked the ta...

Re: Userelationship returns wrong results

Hi @riic0, @SivaMani, @MFelix   I got your point and what you are trying to achieve but just for my own reference, please evaluate the following scenario: You had 100 ope...

Re: How to filter the filter

Hi @Jawed   It is ineed not possible to filter your filter like you mentioned. But there is a workaround. If you put your values in a filter: for instance like i did: Nacalculatie is th...

Re: Change columns name

Awesome   Thanks!

Re: scheduled refresh paused for onprem dataset

Hi @fai,   I got below information:   User is from MSFT (cluster is MSIT) Ask the user to open a MSIT ticket: https://microsoft.sharepoint.com/sites/biatms/Pages/Resources/Ge...

Re: UOM conversion

Hi,   Write this calculated column formula in the Transaction table to get the rate for all conversions from any unit to KG.   =LOOKUPVALUE(ConversionRate[Rate],ConversionRate[From...

Re: Pivot Chart from Power Query on New Excel Sheet throws exception 0x800A03EC

Hi @PowerBIGuest, I totally undestand you, while I can't reproduce your scenario, I personally suggest you post it to the excel forum to get dedicated support. Thanks, Angelia

Re: Embedding PowerBI in the web page for authenticated external users

Hi @Benv117,   You can keep an eye on the idea, once it's released, the idea should get updated.    Best Regards, Qiuyun Yu

Re: Importing XML gives all data in single column

@HaraldHBub, Could you please upload the xml file to OneDrive and post shared link of the file here? The above XML file you post contains emoji. Regards, Lydia

Re: Power BI Online Service not working - Australia

Yep, we're getting the same issue in Canberra.

Re: Filtering Results

Hi @Angelo,   If I understand you correctly, you should be able to use ALL function in FILTER to create the measure. The formula below is for your reference.  Measure = CALCULA...

Re: Unable to Load Reports in Power BI Service

Hi there   I am also having the same issue.   Where is your Power BI data located? Mine is in the Australia data centers.

Re: Power BI Service is down

 I have lodged a ticket. And also informed our Microsoft representative as well.   D

Displaying county shapes in Power BI

We are an ISV and have tons of county and zip code data.  The shape maps in Bing are wholly inaccurate even with plugging in the latitude and longitude. I can go with simple point maps using lat...

Re: Userelationship returns wrong results

Hi @MFelix,     I tried to replicate what you did but still not able to make it work =o? Can you share your pbix file please.   Thanks.     Regards Abduvali

Re: How to show a measure only in some rows

Thanks @Abduvali for the idea however it doesn't work for our data.   However, after many intents, I resolved it. I've to use a new measure with the function HASONEVALUE as is showing in ...

MYSQL unable to connect to database_ MICROSOFT.NET\FRAMEWORK64\V4.0.30319- error

          Im unable to connect using power bi desktop> mysql database.  I have navicat ip xxxx.x.x.x.x.x: port admin username  admin pass But cant g...

Re: Calculate Table based on slicer option

@parry2k wrote: hi there,   Need help. I have a table 1 with 2 values   - option 1  - option 2      Another table 2 with following values  ...

Re: Issue with Manage Relationship

@AbdullahKhalid,   You may also just use the measure below. Measure = VAR w = MAX ( worker[WorkerId] ) RETURN COUNTROWS ( FILTER ( job, job[Worker Id] = w ) )

Re: Unable to Load Reports in Power BI Service

Hi @djnww   Thanks for the update, so now we wait!

Re: Power BI Online Service not working - Australia

It has started workin for us now here in Melbourne.