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BCI - Business Cloud Integration Ltd

Right Tool, Right Time, Right Order.
With Office 365 there’s always more than one way to deliver a requirement. Using our in-depth technical knowledge, and breadth of experience across our clients, we’re able to provide guidance and justification for deploying the right tools, at the right time, in the right order for your business.

Tools we use to help businesses grow include but are not limited to, ; 

All businesses have data, its how you use that data that makes you powerful. From audit and compliance to metrics and forecasts PowerBi is the most flexible and integrated tool to offer real decision making change in the organisation. 

PowerBI solutions we have created include (but are not limited to); 

  • Accident and incident reporting across multiple global sites for Pharmaceutical clients
  • Project Online reporting and dashboards
  • Dashboarding and virtual presentations for exhibitions and shows
  • Support ticket dashboards for IT teams
  • Office 365 Audit data for compliance and monitoring (GDPR)

SharePoint Online
We have been working with Sharepoint since 2007 and have many experts on the team that understand fully the uses, power and fundamental tooling available within SharePoint. We regularly implements Intranets, Document Management Solutions and Project Management solutions for our clients in SharePoint Online. 

In addition we have an Office 365 complementary offering for the automated and delegated deployment of Sharepoint sites in your office 365 tenancy, including a project management solution and GDPR site collections. This service is called Caper365 and is available on a subscription basis for the deployment of our templates as well as the configuration and deployment of your own SharePoint Online templates directly to your tenancy without the need for IT intervention. 

Microsoft Teams
As one of the strongest offerings in the Office 365 toolset we can help your teams understand and adopt the technology - IF its the right fit for you. This fast developing toolset is becoming one of the most discussed elements of the Office 365 platform and with governance and correct policy is the most powerful productivity tool too. 

Office 365
The overall implementation and decision to migrate to office 365 is an exciting one, this is however not just a platform change but a fundamental change to the way of working. We provide consultancy and direction as well as training and support to help organisations get the best adoption and engagement from their teams. 

Azure is another fast evolving landscape and one we are proud to base our own SaaS services and business model within. 

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