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Definitive Logic

Definitive Logic's Power BI related services include: 

Cloud Analytics
Processing large volumes of data can require significant resources with needs that fluctuate over time with different business “seasons.” Traditional solutions are historically constrained by a finite set of computing resources. Cloud analytics offers hyper-scaling to provide resources on-demand that help organizations unleash the full potential of data without the hassle of maintaining big data infrastructures.

Data Management
We live in a world full of data, and organizations are struggling to manage data more efficiently and productively. We have expertise in data management that will turn your data into valuable information resources. From data governance, data stewardship, and database management to meta/master data management, Definitive Logic has the experience to bring order and structure to the data landscape in a disciplined, yet non-intrusive manner using agile techniques.

Data Quality
Definitive Logic understands the importance of clean, consistent data. Our experts are well-versed in industry best practices such as ISO 8000, the international standard for data quality, and the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) standards. Our systematic approach focuses on a zero-defect quality management plan. Frequent checks and verification of data quality continually improves data health and usefulness over time.

Data Warehousing
By their very nature, data warehouse (DW) projects cross organizational boundaries and often result in data hoarding and then turf wars. We mitigate these risks with up-front communication and diplomatic relationship building. Definitive Logic has the experience to help you understand these sociological factors and can help you create a competitive advantage that builds and maintains effective data warehousing solutions. Through deep experience in Kimball and Inmon methodologies, our consultants understand the challenges and risks that typically arise throughout the entire DW life-cycle, and can help you build consensus along the way. We manage the full scope of deployments to include architecture & design, extract transform, & load (ETL) routines, development of back-end solutions, report & dashboard development, and end-user training.

Data Visualizations
Next to data quality, visualizing information is one of the most critical aspects of a successful BI/analytics solution. Data must be displayed in a manner that is informative, interactive, and easily consumable. Our expertise will transform your data into meaningful and actionable information. Our solutions are intuitive and well-integrated so customers can quickly understand complex data to gain deeper, more precise insight into strategy, tactics, and operations. Our approach focuses on the right set of tools for the job along with a visually appealing presentation layer that delivers the right information at the right time, enabling decision-makers to draw the right conclusions from the data.

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