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Cloud, data and AI are transforming business. Organizations that harness data, cloud services and AI outperform. At Incycle, we are in the business of helping our customers succeed. Common engagements range from proof-of-concepts to full blown system designs and implementations. We generally recommend begin with a business discussion, strategy elaboration and roadmap. Below are areas of expertise specific to data platform and analytics practice.

  1. Business Analytics – We help customers harness the power of data to surface insights to help make better decisions --- faster. Common scenarios include demand forecasting, personalization and predictive analytics. One of our most successful projects delivered a DevOps dashboard. The primary tool for such projects and visualizations is Microsoft's Power BI.

  2. Data Modernization – The traditional database footprint is sprawled across infrastructure and not well leveraged.  InCycle provides modernize and/or migration services to move existing data estates and application platforms to Azure cloud services (e.g., moving database workloads from on-premise SQL to Azure-based cloud services). We also commonly move customers from NoSQL (Mongo DB, Cassandra, HBase, Neo4j, etc.) to Cosmos DB and from an OSS DB to OSS DBaaS.

  3. Internet of Things – InCycle cloud architects design and implement IoT and data strategies that create value and scale on demand. Using advanced analytics, customers monetize data produced by IoT devices to create intellectual property. InCycle has experience with medical devices, manufacturing components and consumer hardware.

  4. Data Pipelines - To realize value from data, it takes a series of steps that includes collecting data from various sources, scrubbing data to ensure usability and ultimately pushing the processed data to a location for consumption. These steps collectively are referred to as a data pipeline. Popular Azure services used in the creation of data pipelines include Event Hub, Data Factory, HDInsights, Data Lakes, Cosmos DB, Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, SQL Data Warehouse, Power BI and many more. The key is selecting the right ones ---- something the InCycle team is skilled at doing. Our goal is to help you surface the valuable insights buried deep inside your enterprise data.

Have a project in mind but don't know where to start? Learn more about our Data and AI customer briefings.

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