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We want to Empower You

It all starts with a single observation: truly impactful analytics are only possible when “the business” is directly involved, in a “hands-on” capacity. The alternative – communicating requirements to IT or consultants, awaiting results, and then iterating – takes too long, costs too much, and delivers too little. If you have ever wondered why Business Intelligence projects seemingly run forever while delivering poor ROI, or why spreadsheets continue to dominate the landscape of reporting and analysis, the answer to both lies in “communication cost” – either paying its enormous cost (in the case of BI projects) or avoiding it (by the Biz taking matters in their own hands, with Excel).

Said another way, your Business cannot merely Consume analytics built by someone else – it must take an active and ongoing role in Producing them. Don’t worry though, only 1-2 people in each department need to wear the Producer hat, and in all probability, they are already wearing it (using Excel to produce reports for the rest of their workgroups). You need only to empower those people with the new “Improved Excel” toolset, one that they will gratefully embrace once they’ve glimpsed its capabilities. And rather than cutting IT out of the equation, this New Way provides the first-ever incentives and foundation for true cooperation between IT and the Biz.

This crucial set of observations, this New Way, also inspired the new generation of tools from Microsoft – tools that bring unprecedented power and agility to that “hands on” dynamic (and that, as former Microsoft employees, we helped build).

We Want You to Spend LESS!

In addition to improved agility and results, the New Way also means spending LESS on external consulting. That’s something you might be surprised to hear from a firm in precisely that business. But we have all witnessed, firsthand and repeatedly, the dramatic improvements delivered by the New Way, and we could never counsel you differently. It is truly a special feeling – to help others experience the things we have experienced – and we have shaped our practice to maximize that. 

We Help Businesses of Many Sizes

Our clients range in size from the Fortune 500 to local businesses. You don’t have to have million-dollar budgets in order to adopt the New Way – in stark contrast to the world of traditional Business Intelligence. All you need is data and a desire to make smarter decisions.

Even at the Enterprise level, individual departments often resemble mid-size businesses in terms of resources. We have been engaged by the “Nerve Center / C-Level” of several publicly-traded companies, for instance, but at others, we have worked with a single department or division.

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