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Webinar 10/2: Creative DAX solutions by Philip Seamark

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Did you know the DAX language is far more capable than merely running a SUM over a column, or counting rows in a table? DAX sits on top of one of the fastest databases around, and this webinar will explore some unusual and creative scenarios that you may not have thought of as feasible. The webinar will aim to reset your understanding of what is possible in DAX by walking through some interesting code highlights from a recent series of games built using DAX (Blackjack, Sudoku , Tic Tac Toe , Hangman & Minesweeper). Each game pushes and explores different boundaries in DAX and will attempt to show just where those lines are. The session will hopefully inspire you to add some creative and exciting techniques to your own DAX based data models. Full source code will be made available for download.



When: Oct 2nd 2018 12pm PST

Philip Seamark

Phil is an author, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and an experienced database and business intelligence (BI) professional with a deep knowledge of the Microsoft B.I. stack along with extensive knowledge of data warehouse (DW) methodologies and enterprise data modelling.  He has 25+ years experience in this field and an active member of Power BI community.  Super User with 1,945 answers with 590 kudos on the community website