An app is a collection of dashboards and reports purpose-built by your organization to deliver key metrics for faster and easier data-driven decisions. Apps are easy to find and install in the Power BI service ( After you install them, you can view them in your browser or mobile device.

With apps you automatically get all the updates the app author makes. The author also controls how often the data is scheduled to refresh, so you don't need to worry about keeping up-to-date with the author’s changes.

Planning to author an app? See Create and distribute apps in Power BI for more information.

Install an app

You can find and install apps two different ways. The app author can send you a direct link to an app, or you can search for it in AppSource, where you see all the apps that you can access.

Get a direct link to an app

The easiest way to install a new app is to get a direct link from the app author. Power BI creates an installation link, which the author can then send to you.

  • When you click the link in email, the Power BI service ( opens. You confirm you want to install the app and it opens to the app content list.

  • On your iOS or Android mobile device, when you click the link in email, the app installs automatically and opens the app content list.

Get the app from Microsoft AppSource

You can also find and install apps that you have access to from Microsoft AppSource.

  1. Select Apps , then select Download and explore more apps from AppSource.

  2. In AppSource under My organization, you can search to narrow the results and find the app you're looking for.

  3. Select Get it now to add it to your Apps page.

Now you can explore the data in the dashboards and reports in the app.

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