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Apps4Rent’s dashboards offer impactful data insights to help you put your data into action. Get the comprehensive figures of your active sales, comparative annual sales, inventory and human resources presented in a clear way to get you clear understandings of your retail performance.

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In a retail business, tracking performance of each store chain of comprehensively helps you gain insights using historical data including sales variance, managers, fiscal months and store types. Apps4Rent delivered a powerful dashboard for a retail store that tracked all the variables including sales variance, district managers, fiscal months and store types.

As a retail chain, evaluating your business performance requires tracking of the retail stores as a whole. Our dashboards also allow the ability to see detailed information of individual stores by sorting through postal codes, store types, and the name of the manager.

With the use of Power BI, Apps4Rent has built a retail dashboard that is integrated into the cloud. Drill down your data set to the minutest of the level.

Get the holistic view of the data which can be compared, analyzed, and interacted that allows you to understand the information and put it to action.

Manage your KPIs with the beautiful data set that can be presented in an aesthetically appealing manner. This will help you audit your comprehensive business performance and make the right choices with the insights offered.

Features of the solution

  • The readymade dashboards optimized and standardized for reports
  • The customized visual presentation of numbers and figures
  • The capability to segregate data in various containers
  • The ability to track down statistics, metrics, and volumes to identify trends
  • Track KPIs to set goals in a visually appealing way
  • Options to drill down to the lowest metric for working on bottom-up strategies

Benefits of the solution

  • Access dashboards from anywhere anytime on any device including PCs, Macs, Android or iOS devices
  • Integrate the dashboard with other tools to pull crucial information for presentation
  • Explore a variety of data wrangling options at a good speed and lead time
  • Customize your dashboard as per your brand guidelines as a default setting

With the use of Power BI, Apps4Rent offers a powerful dashboard that helps you track your retail data in a visual fashion, helping you gain key insights towards your most actionable items.

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