IronEdge Group - Information Technology Asset Lifecycle Report

Struggling to create an accurate budget for your IT assets (computers, servers etc.)? This report is an interactive visualization to quickly and easily create budgets and identify risks in your IT asset fleet.

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The report has three separate pages.  Each page focuses on a specific component of the asset lifecycle.
The first page is REPLACE- This tab is essential in understanding high-level budgets for asset replacement.  The tab focuses on server and workstation assets in production 
The next tab is RENEW – This tab is used for asset risk, allowing IT, finance and department leads to understand the current and future risk mitigation required for assets involving warranties, support and subscription expiration. 
The final tab, ASSETS, is a more detailed look at the asset mix.  This breakdown provides geographical, categorical and itemized data regarding assets in production.

This page defines budgetary numbers for fleet management on a year over year basis.  Providing a 5-year overview of the server and workstations, the report aids in decision-making for when looking as asset replacements with newer more standard models.  IT managers and staff can focus on bulk fleet replacement in order to standardize, save money on bulk purchase and utilize image deployment of assets. 
The report uses site location data to aid in categorization of assets.
The report uses logic that weighs many facets of the asset including memory, disk utilization, warranty dates and processor builds in order to determine replacement timeline. 
The overall cost of each asset is selectable for accurately determining budget.
The ability to visualize hardware fragmentation easily can provide a clear understanding of support cost overrun and productivity inconsistency. 
Detailed views of the assets are easily accessible. 
This report page provides oversight and risk related to IT hardware warranties and services subscription expirations.  The goal is to provide an easily understood view of the current risk associated with assets such as infrastructure hardware and critical IT services.  Being able to quickly review risk position regarding warranties on items like virtual server hosts and firewalls is crucial for budgeting and decision-making.
All of the asset cards filter to the ASSET DETAIL card.  Using pop-out feature, you can see all the details for the assets listed after filtering.
You can use the SEE RECORDS Feature in the ASSET WARRANTY STATUS card to gain a detailed look at assets by expiration
Many organizations utilize virtual servers.  The storage and server-hosting card allows organizations to see which virtual machines are hosted on physical servers and determine risk regarding warranty renewal or storage utilization.  Selecting the server on the left provides a view of which VMs are running on that machine and clicking on the VM provides a look into which host it runs on. 
The assets tab allows managers to locate and define assets based on multiple criteria.  This interactive and visual look into the world of IT assets for an organization can provide a deeper understanding of the complexity of business initiatives such as physical moves, security position, and global footprint.
The pie chart on map provides a look into which server and workstation breakdown numbers are in play at each site.  
The locations points filter assets by site.
Selecting an asset can provide the location and detailed view inside of the ASSET DETAIL Card.
Drilling down into multiple layers of the report will provide a deeper insight into the asset such as Operating System for Servers or locations of Windows 7 Professional Machines by site.

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