MVProject - Project and Portfolio Dashboard

The most important part of Project Portfolio Management is information. Project Management Office uses a wide range of tools to provide data in an easy and understandable format. MVProject proposes to use Power BI reports connected to Microsoft Project Portfolio Management solution to gain visibility about initiatives, projects, and programs in the organization.

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In the modern world, project management includes projects of various types. Organizations manage investment and renovation projects, implementation of new products or research and development projects. Project Management Offices in these organizations face the challenge of finding a way to compare and evaluate projects of different types. They have large amounts of various information and expectations to provide transparent and easy to interpret reports.

Organizations use project management solutions, such as Microsoft Project Online, to manage their projects and prepare the right tools for monitoring and measuring projects. The most straightforward control factors include verification of actual dates and scope. Over time, the mechanism for monitoring projects becomes more complex, and organizations encounter a barrier of too much data to process to get precise information.

As part of the solution supporting people responsible for project portfolio management, we have introduced the Project and Portfolio dashboard based on Microsoft PowerBI technology.

Our examples of reports allow you to easily present the condition of the projects in the portfolio, both for top management and employees responsible for managing individual projects.

Such reports will answer the basic questions:
  • How many projects do we carry out?
  • What costs are associated with projects in individual departments of our company?
  • What effort is related to the implementation of a single project?
  • Are the projects being implemented as planned?

The purpose of creating reporting mechanisms is not only to make sure that projects implemented under the portfolio are in good condition or to consider whether any of them should be stopped, but also identify key elements to improve organizational efficiency. All these analyzes should be done in the context of strategic goals defined for the portfolio.

To make the reporting process more transparent, conditional formatting can be used to highlight specific data in the visual layer. Working with filters allows for a more effective data presentation.

The mechanisms used to create reports enable the transition from the project portfolio to viewing data on specific projects. Depending on the information needs, a report from a single project provides information about its active risks and problems, allows you to analyze the distribution of costs over time and much more.

The presented reports are part of a larger system for monitoring the condition of the project portfolio. Depending on the organization's needs regarding the project monitoring system, the number of reports, their substantive scope may vary. Thanks to Microsoft Power BI, organizations can build an efficient project monitoring mechanism.

If you need reports tailored to your expectations, don't hesitate to contact us and tell us what is important to you, and we will offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

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