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Bravent 13 S.L.

We are an international IT consultancy specializing in Microsoft technologies. At Bravent, we understand the needs of the modern company and the continuous demand to adapt its services to the user’s new digital profile.
We specialize in developing innovative digital solutions for our clients, accompanying them every step of their digital transformation journey. We have a team of experts with vast experience in Microsoft technologies who are committed to providing scalable, customized and seamlessly integrated solutions, tailored to client’s specific business needs. We carry out complete projects from the initial analysis of our clients' data, transformation and extraction of these and representation of them using Power BI.


  • Data analysis
  • Data transformation
  • Power BI Dashboards PoC
  • Power BI Implementation


  •  Power BI Model/ visualization
  •  Power BI Embedded
  •  Migration from other solutions
  •  Analytics for business insights
  •  AI / ML Integration 


  • Dashboard in a Day (DIAD)
  • Analyze your data
  •  Power BI Modeling
  • Power BI Visualization

Operations and Support

  • Performance Enhancements
  • Power BI and Azure Support

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