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COVINO & Partners STP

COVINO & Partners, as Advisor, acts at the level of corporate governance, business management and innovation with multidisciplinary teams of engineers, auditors, accountants, management consultants and lawyers. COVINO & Partners is a Company of Professionals holding the following professional qualifications: Engineering Company, Account Company and Auditing firm.

  • As Engineering Company, it operates in the IT and Digital sector with services for analysis, simulation, digitalization and organizational optimization with innovative software tools and proprietary methodologies. The main assets are workflow management system, Process Mining, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Lean Six Sigma methodology.

  • As Auditing Firm, it operates both in the ordinary statutory audit of medium and large enterprises and Corporate Groups and - as Independent Expert - in Extraordinary Transactions on behalf of the Courts.

  • As Company between Accountants, it operates in the field of corporate, financial and tax law. It also has significant experience in corporate crisis management.

COVINO & Partners also performs in the Research & Development sector in partnership with important Italian Universities in the field of process mining and automatic peer-to-peer network optimization. The portfolio of the Company includes other core business services like corporate and tax consultancy, assistance in tax disputes, M&A operations and corporate restructuring of companies and corporate groups.

COVINO & Partners provides "Integrated Management Consulting" based on the techniques and technologies managed by its own Engineering Area and related to Process Mining, Lean Six Sigma and Enterprise Architecture. Through the integration of such methodologies with the management control procedures, Legal Audit, Internal Audit and Assurance skills, COVINO & Partners can guarantee the widest and most specialized advising services for ordinary business management and for reorganization, transformation or merger and acquisition investments.

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