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BitBang’ solution showcase for Power BI refers to the data integration of Social Media channels, with a particular focus on the performances of paid campaigns. This dashboard translates raw data into precious insights about the customers and their behaviour, the Brand Reputation and the User Journey across all touchpoints.

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The cover page provides three sections with a brief description: Exec Summary, Brand & Reputation and Conversions. Users can switch from one report to another by clicking on each section.  Once you have clicked onto a report, you can return to the cover page by clicking on the ‘home’ icon.

The Exec Summary report provides high level visualizations on the main Social Media paid Campaign KPIs like Impressions, Interactions, Clicks and Conversions.
To illustrate the entire Journey, we created a conversion funnel chart.
Information about the Campaign Performances are shown in terms of Engagement Rate, Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate and Cost per Click.
We added a layer of detail showing the split by Social Media and Country.
It’s possible to filter the entire report using the date and Social Media filters on the top of the page.
Ask a question about the data by using the Natural Language bar to see an instant visualization of the report. 

This illustrates the total Fanbase by Social Media, the Audience Growth on the Current Month and on the whole year.
Here at the bottom of the report, it’s possible to monitor the quarterly trend of Positive, Negative or Neutral mentions of the brand on Social media.

The last report is a deep dive on the Performance of paid campaigns.
At the top of the page the Conversion Rate is compared to the target as well as a visualization of the top Countries in term of Conversions.
The what-if analysis chart simulates different scenarios depending on the increase or decrease of the percentage spend Variation on Paid activities.
The Conversion result changes automatically as different Amount of Spend is selected. 
The Monthly trend of Conversions chart was created to forecast the results for the following 2 months.

This is just an overview of our solution to demonstrate the value of the insights you can gain from just your social media data. Of course, this can be integrated to provide a full digital view encompassing all digital data sources.
Every dashboard can be personalized based on your specific business requirements. 
Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

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