Bitscape - Mutual Fund Analytics for Investment Management Organisation

Mutual fund dashboard helps to analyse and pick funds that are best suited for clients. We can get updates about returns, riskiness or ratings of a funds where our clients have already invested. We get more performance indicators that will help clients make the right decisions in mutual fund investments. It very important that we suggest best mutual funds to our clients. Since client put in their money to earn more, there are higher chances that client would be welcoming higher risk for them. To avoid much harm caused by fluctuations in the market, it is suggested that we analyse all the available reports before taking any financial decisions for our clients.

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Mutual Fund Dashboard is designed to enhance clients Investment and Assets Under Management (AUM) with paid interest. It is to analyse effectiveness with large number of branches that carrying out clients having different type of investment and transaction based on time. It helps stock trader to track investment and client’s overall details by getting right metrics anytime, anywhere.  Mutual fund allows you to discover why your customers and their investments are dropping in some areas. The dashboards can help you filter out data at multiple levels. For example, one can see client’s performance by investment time, fund strategy to increase clients by city and/or branch.

Mutual fund dashboard provides following advantages to organisation and stock traders:

  • Get analysis of time-based investment vs AUM and paid interest of clients, including running total with advisor
  • Identify investment vs AUM running total and average CAGR with absolute return
  • Examine city and time wise clients and their investment
  • Get understanding of state and district wise highest depositors and total ledger with registered and pending numbers
  • Analyse KYC completed client’s details
  • Understanding of state and client wise transaction and brokerage with bill amount and other charges
  • Analyse top-bottom brokerage and expense by clients with highest transaction, clients with highest turnover and highest paid brokerage
  • Identify items available quantity and total bags detail in city and warehouse 

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