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EBIS provides Power BI solutions for Deep Analytics. Analyzing and drawing conclusions are crucial skills in business. The very important factor that will allow your company to succeed is dynamic and effective teamwork, which translates into good company results. The Team Performance Analysis report presents the distribution of the team's work mode over time and the employee's well-being, which significantly translates into the effectiveness of work.

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Power BI enables effective data analysis in real-time, which means better monitoring of progress in achieving the assumed goals. Current insight into information allows making more accurate decisions in the context of customer service, logistics, marketing, and sales.
The presented case shows the work course of part of our company's team in the selected month. It is impossible to disagree with the thesis that a well-functioning team is a basis for success.

There is a filter panel at the top of the page. In the first slicer, the user can select a specific employee to view his position in the company. The next element is an emoticon that visualizes the employee's well-being. Subsequent slicers of the filter panel allow you to select a single date, you can also select a date range, which will allow you to analyze the work mode of employees in a selected period. The user can also use the buttons that allow switching the Scatter chart view between delegation and remote work.

There are two gray panels on the left side of the report. The first one shows a 100% stacked column chart that shows the percentage of the entire team's work mode in a selected period. Below there is a Gauge chart that shows the percentage of working hours used versus the hours available for the team.

The main part of the report is white panels that contain four types of visuals. In the upper left corner, the previously mentioned Scatter chart is presented, which shows the ratio of days worked by employees in the office to days worked remotely. After switching the view, the chart shows the ratio of days worked in the office to those working on a business trip. Both graphs also visualize the well-being of employees, the larger the circle, the higher the average well-being of the employee. An interesting observation may be the fact that employees working mostly in the office feel much better than those who spent most of their time on a business trip. Below is a 100% stacked bar chart that compares the work mode distributions of individual employees in the selected period. Right next to it there is a radar chart that shows the average well-being of all selected employees. The last but no less interesting element of the report is the visualization Synoptic Panel. There is information on the visualization that tells you that to see the full functionality, select a single day. After doing this, we will see a presentation of the work mode of selected employees on a given day.

The presented report can be an interesting tool for presenting the company's effectiveness. Naturally, this is only a fraction of the possibilities that Power BI gives us. EBIS has produced a report that is readable, interesting, and tailored to the needs of users.

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