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Discover customer insights in the logistics industry. Explore performance by drilling down into product, location, and time data. Bolster strategic planning with forecast of sales growth and customer churn.


Global Logistics

Monitor current performanceThese dashboards showcase the current and projected performance of an inbound and outbound global logistics business with a client base spanning six continents. The map indicates the global spread of sales for the company’s services, with circular icons indicating the amount of sales in each country – a larger circle denotes higher sales. Each circle icon is also a pie chart with grey areas denoting import sales volumes and turquoise areas denoting export sales volumes.The accompanying chart and graphs denote sales by product, by customer industry, and by time. The data selection in these categories is able to be drilled down for more in-depth, accurate, and timely analysis, e.g. from yearly to quarterly and monthly time categories.Upon changing the selection of these categories, the visualizations in the other charts, graphs, and map will change to reflect the new selections automatically.

Deeper insightsAlso shown is sales performance which, using the R function in Power BI, is based on existing and new customers. This can be used to identify which industries account for a rising use of logistics, which are the top customers based on product type and time, as well as customer churn.By analyzing customer churn, and even which customers are recording the highest amount of churn, the logistics company would be forewarned about the possibility of existing customers becoming lost customers in the future.Additional insights can be derived by drilling down into the churn customer filter, to find rising or falling church trends, and the logistics company may decide to mount a campaign to retain churn customers.

Predict and planPredictive methods of planning can also be carried out with a dashboard to compare sales performance of the current year with the following year’s budget and sales targets.Predict expected growth and future churn based on current rates. Forecast the impact of an industry-wide campaign and weigh the benefits of carrying out said campaign. Using a waterfall chart, forecast future performance and whether it tallies with current expectations and budget. Otherwise, be alerted to revise targets or carry out additional campaigns to boost sales performance.

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