Innovation Strategies - Finance Dashboard with Voice Controlled Analytics

With digital transformation and big data, the availability to transfer large volumes of data has generated a new level of complexity for operational decision making. Such is the difficulty facing the avalanche of information we manage on a daily basis that we are losing track of relevant data, which are vital for the success of our businesses. And even more, what if we can build enhancements on top as voice control skills? Voice interaction can be potentially supported by Alexa and the users will get responses to their data requests.

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What is voice-controlled analytics?

Voice controlled analytics represents the concept of incorporating a brand new communication channel with the report directly stablishing a conversation with Alexa. Ask Alexa about specific insights que she would be responding with the specific data and will even drive the report to this exact perspective.

Why customers use voice-controlled analytics?

  • It facilitates even more the access to the insights that matters.
  • Connect to your data even when you don’t have access to a laptop. 
  • Don’t know the report very well, don’t worry Alexa easily navigate the report for you base on your requests.

A conversation with your report

  • What should I know for today? Either the financial role or the financial analyst role should be able to be changed by the data anomaly detection system by focusing efforts to analyze the most valuable information at that precise moment.
  • Why are things not going the way we expected? The root cause analysis and automated test generation create the basis of a data-driven commercial operation.
  • How can I access my data in the most simple way? You can do so thanks to transparent access to data though push notification, chatbots and chat interface with smart speakers (Alexa, Siri, ...) 
  • Why is it happening this way? I need more details. All metrics are calculated on raw data. We can use these calculations to create narrations that clearly show metrics values as well as underlying data by means of natural language generation.

At Innovation Strategies, as technology experts, in order to take full advantage of data analytics, we bet on three self-service models that allow your information to be customized and accessible.
Self-service web application to customize subscription notification using information catalogues, unit filtering, thresholds... 
By modeling, at Azure Analysis Services, the perspective catalogue, the trends and the security model used by the notification service.
The value of this digital product created by Innovation Strategies lies in the usability by the different audiences that comprise your business, providing them with a tangible value.

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