NORRIQ A/S - BI Accelerator for Dynamics NAV (Sales)

NORRIQ BI Accelerator – the fastest way to a complete datamodel for analyzing sales data based on Dynamics NAV.

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The NORRIQ BI Accelerator, will as the name suggest – accelerate the process of generating a datamodel based on Dynamics NAV for Sales. The datamodel contain all the data you need to get detailed information on sales and order flows in your organization.
Based on a standard Dynamics NAV, NORRIQ BI Accelerator will auto generate a complete datamodel. However, the datamodel, can easily be adjusted to fit your specific needs, and data from your Dynamics NAV. 

This version of the BI Accelerator is exclusively built and designed using nothing but Power BI Pro and can be implemented as a stand-alone solution. NORRIQ also has other different solutions similar to the Sales including Finance and Inventory, and even a complete Tabular datamodel based on SQL for a complete datamodel containing Finance, Sales, Inventory, Purchase and Production. For more information on these solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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