Onex Group - Sales control tower

By using the Onex Group Sales Control Tower solution built on top of Power BI, you can easily connect to your sales datasets and gain insights into your sales performance, including costs, order quantity, margin, and more. This provides a strong foundation for identifying top-performing markets, products, and categories, all presented in a more interactive and intuitive way than ever before.

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Every organisations are dealing with analytics of sales profitability and costs analysis. This solution is a very good example how Power BI can help with interactive way of analysing data coming from source systems. 

Usually our customers are require to connect systems like SAP, Oracle and other POS platforms - we are using Azure backbone to address that challenges where we are preparing entire pipelines for data processing and cleaning. 

Solution presented in this showcase is answering on following business problems:
1. How to consolidate data from many different source systems into one dashboard on C-Level. 
2. How to build helicopter view on sales and costs analytics 
3. How to replace excel based reporting by modern approach with self-service platform 
4. How to find the most promising market, best performed product or the biggest costs of sales generated in selected period of time. 

All of theses points and many more can be answered by combination of Power BI platform + our expertise and consulting service. 

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認定パートナーはチームにとって重要な存在です。新しいビジネス チャンスを見出し、つながりを持ち、会社の持つ能力や経験を世界中の Power BI ユーザーと共有しましょう。


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