Point Taken AS - Restaurant Analytics

Financial data, HSE (health safety and environment), and HR reporting.

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The report shows the following categories: 

* Financial Analasys
* Restaurant Analasys
* Product Analasys
* HR insight
* HSE cases

Financial Analasys:
The report show basic reporting for Finance, based on different restaurant locations. In adition on the details page, the report provides forecasting for revenue.

Restaurant Analasys:
Display an overview of the operational condition for the restaurants, with the opportunity to drill down to specific restaurants/regions for more exact data. 

Product Analasys:
Detailed analasys of product sales with the possability drill down on differen category types (ie Restaurant, Product Category). 

HR Insights:
Follow sick leave trends over time to evaluate what external factors affect the employees well being. 

Reporting on HSE cases to give insights in incidents. 

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