Tiger Analytics - Covid Pandemic Dashboard

The COVID pandemic dashboard allows for automatic storytelling over the pandemic's timeline. This Power BI dashboard solution offers a data-driven approach to assist people make sense of the pandemic with its animated and interactive visuals. The dashboards gives us various analytical view with various dimensions like time period, Country, Continents and metrics like Total Covid cases, Covid Deaths, New cases, New Deaths, overall vaccination rate, numbers of total vaccinated, fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, doubling time, test Positivity rate, stringency index, Tests conducted, cumulative CFR.

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COVID 19 dashboard enables automated storytelling over the timeline of the pandemic and allows to drill through to details on the country of interest. This dashboard showcases the growth rate of COVID cases and deaths at both country and aggregate level. It displays the trends in new cases and deaths, tests conducted with positivity rates and the vaccination rates over the period of time. 

Governments of various countries are taking measures to reduce challenges and threats posed by COVID. It is necessary to identify the important factors to reduce the spread of virus and improve the vaccination rate. This Power BI dashboard solution uses data-informed approach to help people to make sense of the pandemic with its animated and interactive visuals. It shows the direct effect of vaccinations in reducing the growth rate of cases/deaths even when an increase in cases is observed.

  • Overview report page showcases evolution of the pandemic over the timeline with the play axis. Also shows the key metrices like total cases & deaths, daily new cases & deaths with trends for the previous two weeks and the vaccination rate.
  • Identify the increase in spread of virus at continent level and the breakdown of countries responsible for sudden rise and fall in cases/deaths.
  • Compares the countries in terms of days it took to double its cases to a particular value, for example India took 43 days to double its cases from 12.5 million to 25 million as opposed to 61 days by US.
  • Assess the role of stringency of containment measures in the rise/fall of cases, test conducted and its positivity rate. Some countries like Colombia and Argentina with high positivity rate have a high chances of relapse (multiple peaks).
  • Distribution of people vaccinated either fully or partially. It also shows the trends in Case Fatality Rate with respect to Vaccination rate. Majority of the countries with high vaccination rate have seen a dramatic decline in cases compared to countries with low vaccination rate.

This solution is implemented in Power BI helps with easy interpretation and understanding of COVID 19 outbreak.

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