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Business intelligence systems today have gone beyond the narrow concept of BI, data warehousing, ETL and other technologies can not fully meet the business needs, so we proposed the concept of pan BI, a variety of technologies to integrate, including BI, GIS, ERP, etc., to help customers faster and easier to achieve a richer automated data analysis.
On the North letter-letter research and development of the wisdom of the data analysis platform, not only significantly shorten the implementation period of business intelligence projects, but also reduces the project implementation costs, so that small and medium enterprises can quickly achieve the data analysis, enhance business value.
On the North-chi has been committed to business intelligence technology and business needs, to promote the automation of data analysis process, so that the data in the enterprise development process to play a more important role


Power BI パートナーになりたいですか?

認定パートナーは、チームにとって重要な存在です。 新しいビジネス チャンスを見つけ、つながりを作り、御社の才能と経験を世界中の Power BI ユーザーと共有してください。