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Canvas Intelligence

Financial Reporting

The Canvas Intelligence Power BI Financial Reporting gives clients with multi-system, multi-currency, multi-national companies the most benefit, as it simplifies complexity with data analytics, visualisation & trend analysis. 

We’ve connected to the following major ERP systems: SAGE, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamics, Acumatica, Infor, Proteus etc.
The Financial Reporting includes: Revenue, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, Overheads, Inventory and many other reports. 

The Canvas Financial report is custom built to optimize productivity with real-time data alerts & KPI monitoring. Minimize administration costs & the use of shadow systems as well as to reduce costs with budget control and supply chain metrics in real-time. 

To request a free Proof on Concept on data you provide, or to test drive one of our demo’s visit our website: https://www.canvasintelligence.com/


Power BI パートナーになりたいですか?

認定パートナーは、チームにとって重要な存在です。新しいビジネス チャンスを見つけ、つながりを作り、御社の才能と経験を世界中の Power BI ユーザーと共有してください。