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At TeQflo We Digitalise Organisations. TeQflo stands for Smart Tech Flowing and we live by the mission is Smart Tech for Organisations. Customer value creation is core for us. Therefore, we always start with the customer challenge(s) Searching and implementing smart tech solutions combining skills of change management and technology. Our solutions should be smart and easy-to-use fitting the needs of your organisation.

Leadership, including change management, is key for optimising the value of the investment in digitalisation. In general, we believe change is more complex than tech. Therefore, we provide guidance and support during the change process by experienced leaders. We use best practice methods and models making sure progress is achieved. In the end, results matter.

TeQflo's current offering include:
- TeQflo Consulting
- Digitalisation services in Change and Tech

What is Digitalisation?
We believe Digitalisation is where human behavior meets technology (products and services). Digitisation is when analogue is converted to digital form. Of the two, Digitalisation is the more powerful option driving change.

Why Digitalise?
Research show that digitalized companies are more prosperous than peers.

How to Digitalise?
Envision, Plan, Do and Evaluate. A combination of leadership skills and relevant smart technology is needed for a successful Digitalisation.

So by successful Digitalisation we increase the value of the business for stakeholders including Customers, Employees, Owners and Suppliers.

Are you ready to become Digital Masters?
Then we're inviting you to collaborate with us and our expertise in the whole digitalisation stream of analysing the business processes and flow.
- Translate those to efficient integrations.
- These integrates into is pooled as Data Pools
- Which is stored in an storage and presentation optimized Data Warehouse.
- Where we aggregates and enhance the data in Data Marts.
- Which becomes usable cubes based on robust needs.

And then we will use all this artisan-work to create robust business effective and wonderful user-friendly Power BI reports for all your needs where we're specifically good with Financial and Marketing reports with the correct metrics to showcasing the effect.

Please contact us and we'll start by getting to know each other.



Power BI パートナーになりませんか?

認定パートナーはチームにとって重要な存在です。新しいビジネス チャンスを見出し、つながりを持ち、会社の持つ能力や経験を世界中の Power BI ユーザーと共有しましょう。