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Agile BI - Managed Funds Analysis

Have you ever struggled making sense of your managed funds performance? This demo show cases how Agile BI put together a clean visual way to monitor them using Power BI.

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Funds Overview

Our first page provides an overview to the performance of all funds.

We created several metrics for assessing performance. The purple icons at the top show basic stats of the funds, such as ROI, fund size and agency ratings. These dynamically change what is plotted on the chart. The chart also provides a simple trend line that highlights how performance has changed over time.

The blue icon sets show seven key investment asset classes. Selecting one of these plots the allocations onto the dynamic chart to show how investment preferences have changed over time.

The bottom section shows rankings of funds by various metrics. This demonstrates the powerful ability to perform dynamic ranking in Power BI.

Fund Cost Performance

This page looks into the performance of funds under a selected firm. We plot the funds’ average ROI and compare it against their ratings and the total fees they charge on a scatter chart. This provides a simple but powerful way to show the relationship between fees charged and returns achieved. In this sample, we don’t see a strong correlation between the two. In other words, customers who pay a higher fee don’t get a matching increase in return.

Asset Allocations

The next page analyses changing preferences of investments by looking at the variations in asset allocation over time. The column chart can be drilled down from year to month, and vice versa. The radar graph visualises which investment areas are most preferred by the managing firm.

Trend and Target

Lastly, we look at individual metrics over a longer term and compare it against their target. We use traffic light colours to indicate whether they been met or not. Values shown in the box represent performance of the most recent month.

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