Bistech - Safety, Risk and Compliance

A Power BI solution delivering compelling and visually appealing Safety, Risk and Compliance infographics, dashboards and analysis capabilities that drive employee engagement in this important and high-stakes area for many organisations.

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Power BI for Safety, Risk and Compliance 

The Bistech Power BI Safety, Risk and Compliance solution streamlines implementation and deployment of market-leading capabilities in this important and high-stakes area for many organisations. The solution uses Microsoft Power BI to deliver an end-to-end solution to integrate and distribute safety, risk and compliance data across the organisation. The compelling nature of interactive dashboards and capabilities delivered by the solution drive employee engagement and encourage collaboration in embedding safety, risk and compliance improvement practices into day-to-day activities.
This solution has been developed based on Bistech's extensive experience implementing safety, risk & compliance and scorecard solutions in the Mining, Retail, Government, Life Sciences, Logistics & Transport and Healthcare sectors. It has been developed using Microsoft's next generation Power BI platform and is capable of integrating data from Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, Azure Data Analytics services and numerous alternate data sources, displaying integrated data on a set of "out of the box" interactive dashboards. Customisations and additional dashboards can also be added with ease based on the intuitive data model built into Power BI.

Typical Challenges with Safety & Compliance Reporting:

Continuous improvement initiatives around safety, risk and compliance have become common place in organisations globally. Often, these programs are mandated by strict legal or government regulations and enforced with harsh penalties.
For many organisations, Excel becomes the default solution used to implement safety, risk and compliance solutions. While Excel can serve a purpose during the initial framework development, it can present number of challenges once deployed:
  • Limited ability to distribute broadly and scale the solution in a manageable way
  • Limited ability to visualise, interact, drill-down and analyse data
  • Audit-readiness of complex and error-prone Excel models
  • Limited ability to integrate data from multiple sources
Furthermore, safety, risk and compliance solutions often require the integration of automated data feeds with those that are "manually collected" via other spreadsheets, emails, SharePoint lists or similar. A solution that handles the above challenges and facilitates both automated and manual data collection is needed. Bistech's Power BI Safety, Risk and Compliance platform provides this solution.

Solution Capabilities & Features:

  • Infographic-style formatting of dashboards & reports, providing a compelling view and driving employee engagement. An important point in a subject area where employees can become resistant to messaging over time
  • Simple and intuitive selection prompts and interactive features, providing the ability to dynamically explore data based on a user's security profile with no training overhead
  • View KPIs, trends, demographics, geographic breakdown and comparisons for incidents, injury mechanisms and injury types
  • Interactive human body visualisation, showing common areas of reported incidents
  • Intuitive data model built into Power BI that facilitates simple ad-hoc analysis, while integrating data from Excel, SharePoint and Relational data sources 

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